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Our Story

At 6, Cameron Tyler Prince was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome. LQTS is a heart signaling disorder that can cause fast, chaotic heartbeats (arrhythmias). Prior to being diagnosed, Cameron lived a normal childhood life. He had a heart of serving others and being a friend to everyone. His smile and welcoming personality always demonstrated the love he had for Christ, his church, his family and his friends. As time progressed, due to multiple faint episodes and unexpected heart scares, it was recommended by his pediatric cardiologist to move forward with an implanted defibrillator at the age of 7. Unfortunately, the active kid that had plans of playing baseball and football had to cease all sports contact activities. Years passed and Cameron was determined to not allow any health concerns stop him from being active. His friends did not know the magnitude of his health issues. He never wanted anyone to worry about him. That was a part of who he was, protecting others. 


Moving forward and adjusting, his passion for percussion led him to join Drum Nation Drum School as he became the lead snare percussionist.  During his freshman and sophomore year, he became the section leader of percussionists with the Hillcrest High School Marching Patriot Parkway Band. In the midst of the band season, Cameron was fascinated  with the idea of taking pictures with friends and football players as they traveled weekly for games. This too turned into a long lasting passion and business. Cameron became Hillcrest Football team’s social media and film assistant and photographer.  In 2020, C Prince Photography was established with over 100 customers. 


On November 17, 2021, Cameron was scheduled for the 9-10 years ICD battery and lead change for his defibrillator. Due to unexpected surgery complications, Cameron passed away on November 18, 2021 at 3:28am at UAB Hospital, Birmingham, AL. 


The Cameron Tyler Prince Legacy Foundation was established November 2022 to honor the love, light and legacy of Cameron. The purpose of the foundation is to support, share heart awareness, provide educational needs, donate to charitable causes and serve the community with acts of kindness. 

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